Having recently graduated from 'Image & Media Technology', I've found that the diversity of working with film, as well as the opportunities to create more complex and true-to-life stories than with illustration is particularly inspiring to me. For me, this means that I'm currently in a transition period, trying to create a network of like-minded aspiring filmmakers in my home-town Eindhoven and practicing alongside one another to get more experience in the medium of film. I’ve been the director on most of the following projects, but as a young filmmaker, one often finds himself working every part; storyboarding, writing, camera, editing, vfx, et cetera. I’ve been very lucky to have worked with many talented colleagues and friends who have helped me in my endeavours to create meaningful and honest work.

All cast & crew credits can be found in or under the video’s on youtube.

Ons Joske - Korte Film

PUBLISHED HERE by Eindhovens Dagblad
Here’s the trailer for my short comedyfilm ‘Ons Joske’.
In it we follow Niek, a 17 year old boy who just finished his first day as a bartender in a brown pub, and learns what it truly means to tell a good pub story.
Being part of a Dutch tv-program called ‘Goud van Brabant’, it attempts to capture a vital part of the provincial ‘Brabantian’ culture

Share the Vibe Eindhoven

PUBLISHED HERE by Gemeente Eindhoven
Citymarketing bureau Eindhoven365 asked me to create a film that expressed the vibe I associated most with the city of Eindhoven. So as I started researching, I found out that there’s not much to be found on the origins of this town. So I decided to fill in the gaps in a manner that suits today’s tendencies; a lot of newcomers from all over the globe.

An Evening With Knives - Crowdfunding Campaign Video

For the metalband An Evening With Knives I’ve helped create this comedic crowdfunding video. They needed a video that spoke to their fans in a whimsical way and came to me with a vague idea for two scenes, leaving it up to me to structure and film it. Within one hilarious weekend, we finished this.

Iris Penning - Mag ik iets vragen

After having made several videos of her live performances, I was asked by Iris to direct a music video for her latest album ‘Liever Vieze Voeten’. Here we choose to express the insecurities and dependencies that come about during a relationship.

Lucas Thijs - Good Old Habit

Lucas Thijs asked me to interpret the song 'Good Old Habit' from his new EP. So I decided to build a story around Joey, a punker living in his campervan. The aim here was to mix fiction with fact, while still shooting everything in a handheld/DIY style to give it a documentary look. 

Joost Hoekaf - Blueboy

After seeing and hearing Joost Hoekaf spit bars in a manner that I’d never witnessed before, I decided to contact him to see if he might need an interesting music video. He was thrilled and literally asked me if I’d fallen out of heaven. After he’d sent me the EP he was about to release, I immediately had ideas for what to do with it. In this music video I tried to express the ‘boyish’ quality that rap music can take on. This is a little revenge story where the boys strike back at the girls.

Soul Kitchen

Eindhoven-based 'Soul Kitchen' asked me to create an impression of the restaurant's atmosphere.

Live @ De Rozenknop

As many people know, Eindhoven has quite an interesting music-scene. All you have to do is go to the right place in order to stumble into a precious gem from the Folk & Americana world. One of these places is the lively brown bar De Rozenknop (The Rosebud). I was commissioned to capture the dusty, warm and time-traveling performances held there in a way that coincides with the experience of its frequent visitors. 

Polygänger Live

PUBLISHED here by The Daily Indie
Polygänger is a project recently started by a couple of musical gear-heads aiming to promote their indie music recording skills. The concept here is that we invite upcoming indie bands, put them in a studio filled with one particular object, and shoot.


This film is an excerpt from an installation built to expand on the meaning of the feeling describes in ancient literature as ‘Acedia’. In attaining my Bachelors-Degree 'Image & Media Technology', I began this project researching a certain habitual process named 'Acedia'. Acedia is the age-old term for the sin commonly known as "Sloth". This film attempts to show what often is overlooked when someone is called slothful. Internal struggles and ruminations on the self, which have become routine, can paralyze someone. However, what is needed for this routine to break?

The most important question is…

During my internship at Brandstof/The School Of life I helped create this collection of philosophic answers to the question: "What's the most important question of today?" during the philosophy festival Brainwash Festival.

This video was created in collaboration with LEV Amsterdam.

BUT Television

For the past four years I've been responsible for the daily video journals at the B-movie Underground & Trash Film Festival Breda. The aim of our BUT TV-team is to run around the festival in order to create as much quick & dirty videos as possible, editing and publishing them on the spot. What you can expect is a lot of goofy interviews, montages of the daily events, live-performances and simple sketches. As well as it being a lot of fun, it has taught me to act fast to find and create tiny stories within an incredibly limited amount of time. 

Lucas Thijs - Make This Hard

In 2017 Lucas approached me to design the cover for his new personal album "Backspace", asking if we (Twan & me) could also possibly make a music video alongside it. In this video I've tried to combine the creation of the album cover with the image of Lucas creating his album in his own apartment, in order to reveal the similarities between the process of painting a portrait and the expressing of a personal philosophy through music.

HOWRAH - Vacuity

PUBLISHED here by 3voor12

After having seen the Polygänger-sessions, HOWRAH asked Twan & me to create a dark & atmospheric version of their live-performance. The aim of our Polygänger-sessions is always to do something new with the setting of Studio Katzwijm. We approached this video in a similar fashion, except for the post-production, where we removed all color from the image and added a heavy layer of grain to give the video a raw and eerie feel.