Inspiring Stuff

With this page I would like to start an on-going collection of inspiration and tools for any filmmaker.

Book Tips

Creating Compelling Characters
by Linda Seger

In this book, Linda Seger shows how to create strong, multidimensional characters in fiction, covering everything from research to character block. Interviews with today's top writers complete this essential volume.”

Directing Actors
by Judith Weston

Internationally-renowned directing coach Weston demonstrates what constitutes a good performance, what actors want from a director, what directors do wrong, script analysis and preparation, how actors work, and shares insights into the director/actor relationship.”

Handboek voor productieleiders en crew
door Désirée te Nuijl
Handboek voor productieleiders en crew is het eerste boek waarin alle facetten van het productieproces gedetailleerd aan bod komen. Aan de hand van internationaal gehanteerde werksystemen en -planningen, modelcontracten, praktijkvoorbeelden, foto's en vele anekdotes, schetst de auteur een totaalbeeld van het werk van een productieleider.”

by Robert McKee
”An immensely helpful book for anyone interested in knowing how to build scripts, screenplays and stories in general. Must-read for filmmakers!”


”Juxtapoz Magazine has always helped me to expand my mind whenever I was stuck in Illustrator’s Block. A feast for eyes and mind!”

”I regularly go back to swoon over the film titles of old. This collection shows just how rich the past is with creative ideas, and how every frame should be treated as a painting.”

Art of the Title
”Here you’ll find the most extensive collection of animated introductions and title sequences within the film industry. Massively helpful when you’re in dire need for inspiration.”

”For when you wanna download stuff that you’re not supposed to download.”

Video Links

The Nerdwriter
”Probably one of the best video-essay channels out there. This guy treats his video’s as art, and gave me some astonishing insights into the depths of film and art in general.”

Every Frame a Painting
”To me, it feels as if Tony Zhou has been on the fore-front of the now popular Youtube video-essay. He might not actually be the initiator, but he’s definitely responsible for making video’s that inspire many-a-maker today to put more effort in their films.”

Valentin Petit
”With his short film ‘La Bruit de La Lumière’, Valentin Petit shot French cinema head-first into the 21st Century. Using the stylistic, trending style that nowadays is often seen in commercials, for big brands that wanna seem ‘lit’, as a storytelling device. One of the most inspiring French Filmmakers of today.”

Bertrand Mandico
”Holy shit… just.. holy shit..”